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Internet Marketing

Increase your sales!

We set up managed campaigns to bring people to your website, generate leads and nurture those leads up to a point where they place an order or your sales people can close the sale. The process is managed and analysed using advanced software to ensure maximum ROI.

Small Business/
Start-up Kickstart

A super time saver!

Internet marketing is accessible to everyone, but it is overwhelming when you start out. All you need is a blue print to follow and some knowledge of the myths and tricks out there. This is what our founder, William, gives you with several packages to choose from.

Website Design &

Make the best impression!

Need great looking and well managed brand and sales materials? Need a website that is CMS enabled, device agnostic, stable across all browsers, secure, optimised, offers choice of plugins and a fully functional online shop? Look no further.

Graphic Design
Online & Print

Great Design Differentiates!

Brainstorm crystallizes your objectives into an authentic work of strategic art that conveys a message to your audience in a way that attracts attention, appeals to the imagination and gets your point across.

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Brainstorm Business Card Design

The Power Of The Business Card

The business card has been a part of business relations for decades, originating in the 17th century as a calling card for esteemed Lords and business figures who would have themselves announced ahead of their arrival by a servant bearing card and insignia. But how relevant is the business card to the modern day business […]

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Is it possible to use wordpress themes outside of wordpress?

Read William Gets‘ answer to Is it possible to use wordpress themes outside of wordpress? on Quora

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How do I market a daily journal blog?

There are two main things that attract people to a blog: the blog focuses on a specific subject The blog does not have a specific subject but the writer has a specific character that appeals to people I assume your blog fits into category 2. Even though category 2 falls into the general interest genre […]

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We can offer a free audit of your digital assets like website, social media platforms and email campaign.

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