Commission based marketing

How about working with a marketing company that puts their money where their mouth is?

There are two stages to our fee:

  1. We charge a fee to develop the campaign components, because that is a tangible asset that you have in your hand,
  2. then a basic and commission system based on what our campaigns bring in for you – if we don’t excel, we don’t earn.

We need to charge a basic with the commission because we are continually creating marketing content for you; these are campaign assets that you keep.

But, compared to a salesman working alone, this is still much more beneficial to you. The salesman will charge basic for his time and commission for his sales. But a salesman’s time does not leave you with campaign assets. Our content creation does.

We Bring Sales Leads
to your business

Beautifully designed campaigns via branding, SEO, social media, advertising and content marketing.
List building
Tried and tested websites and landing pages for quick and user-friendly lead capture.
Conversion to clients
Automated CRM campaigns to convert customers from attracted to interested to desiring your product to taking action.

And you get

Better Search
Engine Position

Better Customer

Better Sales


Qualified leads for your company

(Before and after sales!)

I am very pleased to announce that our hits have doubled almost immediately and have stayed at that level and searches on most of the products on my product line are appearing within the top 3 of Google. My franchisees and I are thrilled with what they have done for the H2O brand.
~ Tony Marchesini, H2O International

The Power and Benefits of
Our Automated Marketing

Our Internet Marketing Campaigns:

  • bring in pre-qualified prospects that are really looking to buy, at that moment,
  • see what your competition was really doing,
  • allow us to properly monitor which campaigns were doing well and which were not,
  • give you automated your internet marketing email and social media campaigns and
  • deliver comprehensive, quantitative, real time reports to you?

Internet Marketing Flow Diagram

Internet marketing flow diagram

In a nut shell:

  1. Bring more of your target market to your website
  2. Give them great reasons to interact with you
  3. Nurture those leads which do not immediately react
  4. Send qualified leads to your sales team

William is a proven marketer who has continually embraced the emergence of new technologies and theories, this means that his company represents a ‘one stop shop’ marketing solution for large & small businesses alike. His willingness to invest time to understand your brand means that his strategic response is individually tailored to your business’s needs. I look forward to working with Will & his Team again in the future.
~ Dan Winnings – Collins Winning Branded Environments

With our Internet Marketing Service we can:

  • audit your current internet marketing campaign
  • give you a fully researched report on what you need to do to improve or kick start your own Internet marketing campaign, and
  • develop and manage  your Internet marketing campaign and deliver detailed monthly reports on the progress.

 Our service includes:

  1. Building a search-engine optimised, e-commerce enabled website.
  2. Improving your brand positioning and look and feel and user experience of your website.
  3. SEO adjustments to your current website if you already have one
  4. Keyword strategies..
  5. Content management for information relevancy and market related tone.
  6. Press releases to a blog, internal news page and to external media owners.
  7. Link building.
  8. Database building and automated lead nurturing email campaigns.
  9. Customer engagement through Social Media tactics and management.
  10. Monitoring, analysing and detailed reporting to you.

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I have worked with William for over ten years. During this time he has been very professional and has always put the needs of the client first. His work is of excellent quality and he delivers on time and on budget.
~ Guillermo Guzman – H2O International

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