Our unique approach was essential in developing a full rebranding strategy for South African fruit logistics company GoGlobal Group (GoGlobal).


We had worked with GoGlobal (formerly GoReefers) since the early days of the company. Having fared extremely well under our initial messaging of “It’s the way we think that makes us the best”, GoGlobal needed a brand refresh to align their disparate set of brands, and emphasise their market leading history of innovation.

The challenge for Brainstorm was to produce a repositioning strategy to clarify GoGlobal’s status in the marketplace, deepen their customer engagement and bring successful brand cohesion to their multiple business divisions.

The challenge for GoGlobal, and ultimately the success of the project, was to embrace a complete overhaul and commit to the time and resources required to implement the changes.

The incredible launch event of the new brand, GoGlobal, left no doubt that the ‘go in or go home’ attitude proposed by Brainstorm had been fully adopted and that the GoGlobal brand was the perfect vehicle to take this logistics business forward on the next leg of their journey.

See the launch event below

Brainstorm has delivered a successful strategic rebrand for GoGlobal,  reflecting their innovative company cohesion and global reach and put GoGlobal 3 years ahead of their competitors.

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