Honesty Is The Best Policy | General Data Protection Regulation 2018

The 25th of May 2018, marks the day that the Data Protection Act (DPA) will be replaced by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This framework consists of a more in-depth scope and severe prosecutions for those who fall short of compliance with the revised rules for the storage and use of personal […]

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We are like a clock that never stops turning, but what makes us tick?

William Gets gives us a few hints after we posed a few questions about Team Management:What in your eyes are the main differences between a leader and a boss? Those very words tell you a thing or two. Are you bossing people around or are you leading them?  A boss is a person who thinks that […]

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Brainstorm Business Card Design

The Power Of The Business Card

The business card has been a part of business relations for decades, originating in the 17th century as a calling card for esteemed Lords and business figures who would have themselves announced ahead of their arrival by a servant bearing card and insignia. But how relevant is the business card to the modern day business […]

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Is it possible to use wordpress themes outside of wordpress?

Read William Gets‘ answer to Is it possible to use wordpress themes outside of wordpress? on Quora

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How do I market a daily journal blog?

There are two main things that attract people to a blog: the blog focuses on a specific subject The blog does not have a specific subject but the writer has a specific character that appeals to people I assume your blog fits into category 2. Even though category 2 falls into the general interest genre […]

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Does a bounce rate affect my website SERP?

Answer by William Gets: It seems logical that Google would down-list a page with a high bounce rate against a competitors page with the low bounce rate. But apparently, a high bounce rate does not affect the position of your webpage on a search engine results page. I have often asked this same question with […]

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What is the Best SEO Tips For Beginners?

Answer by William Gets: Mmmm, it is a very complex and technical field. SEO is also often misunderstood and these days seems to mean everything to do with Internet Marketing. SEO means optimising a digital asset so that it is indexed correctly by a search engine and if it is done really well, will get […]

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How can someone improve their SEO for technical programming blogs?

Answer by William Gets: Technical programming is a fairly wide but niche market; easy to ring fence as I assume technical programmers “hang out in the same places” on the internet. Gjivan gives good advice in that SEO is SEO and the same rules apply generally but having a niche market does make it easier. […]

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Do SEO keywords and AdWords matter for a start-up’s website?

Answer by William Gets: Trying to beat incumbents on SEO and PPC is hard and expensive but not impossible – your promotional efforts still get through. On-site SEO is fairly quick to do once you have done your keyword research. The off-site/SEM part is long and you simply need to keep it up and see […]

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If my landing pages have a slightly different layout and content …

Question:Answer by William Gets: If my landing pages have a slightly different layout and content depending on the source (organic&direct traffic), does it affect my search results. Answer by William Gets: The problem would come with duplicating content and that your direct traffic landing pages (from your PPC campaign for example) should be “no-indexed” to avoid […]

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