'The role of Brand Authenticity is playing an increasing role in the way we not only conduct business, but the way we market ourselves as a brand.'

We spend a lot of time reading and researching the latest trends, concepts and business applications. This article from the Cape Chamber of Commerce is exactly the kind of material we are constantly sifting through to stay relevant and up to date in the modern marketing environment. 


Our new recruit coming in hot from the Durban, South Africa. 

Justin Wickee is currently completing the final year of his BBA Marketing degree and will soon be equipped with a short course in Digital Brand Strategy, through Vega. 'Wacky Wickee' will be fulfilling his role as a Content Marketer here at Brainstorm. When Justin is not in the office, a few of the things that make him tick are: laughing hysterically at dry jokes, contemplating the existence of this pale blue dot we call earth, tapping his foot to psychedelic beats, climbing barefoot in the jungle, thinking he knows better than the referee and minimising his carbon footprint.
Written by - Justin Wickee


One of our favourite clients, GoGlobal, attended this year's Fruit Logistica Expo in Berlin.

Critical for the event success was developing not only an attractive stand and implementing all the necessary elements but ensuring that there was a high volume of traffic for a world-first
App unveiling. By using a darker contrasting colour for the stand, optimising space and layout, employing the help of XCommNet's super-fast internet bonding device and using a novel App reveal technology - we were able to generate a stand that was so successful that we had to order extra equipment to facilitate the number of visitors.


Critical to the success at Fruit Logistica was the execution of the App Reveal.

The App itself was a world-first in capability and is truly a testament to the innovative culture of the GoGlobal teams. We explored a number of different presentation solutions and could not give up the chance to present on the massive smartphone provided by the team at GiantItab.

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