From Cluttered to Ordered
From Local Brand to Global Brand.



Brainstorm delivered a successful strategic rebrand for GoGlobal to reflect their innovative company cohesion and global reach.

THE GOAL: Create brand cohesion across multiple divisions.

THE RESULTS: Repositioned GoGlobal in the marketplace, deepened customer engagement and created a coherent brand.

Since their formation in 2000, GoReefers have delivered excellent standards of customer service and applied innovation to their entire portfolio of services. Taking complete management control of the logistics supply chain lead to significant growth for the company. The Group had however, evolved into a wide set of divisions, all operating under different names. The branding of the different divisions lacked connection with the original GoReefers brand. Brainstorm had previously created GoReefers original differentiating statement of ‘it’s the way we think that makes us the best’ and had an existing trusted relationship with GoReefers.


GoReefers are the leading IT Logistics company in Africa. It is their intelligent software that makes all the difference to farmers wanting to export.

THE GOAL: GoReefers had a business and a website and a logo, but no brand. We were tasked to create this brand.

THE RESULTS: Brainstorm explored the meaning behind companies having GoReefers as their perishable goods suppliers. There innovative approach to the industry is their strongest asset. We brought it through in their new website and advertising.



Agestrad is a multilingual translation company from Spain that set up shop in London.

THE GOAL: We were tasked to rebrand them for the UK market. This specific part of the project was their Facebook page.

THE RESULTS: From cluttered to organised and professional. Adding a clean, colourful and visually appealing feel to their brand.


H2O USA is a global leader in water filters with distributors worldwide. Having witnessed what we did for one of their largest distributors in South Africa, they asked us to rebrand and rebuild their company website.

THE GOAL: Website rebrand and redesign.

THE RESULTS: A more structured and professional looking website, with a clear brand message.

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