Lead Generation Tips

Lead Generation Tips

Every good marketing strategy includes lead generation through social media. By collecting leads (nuggets like email addresses, names, occupations or any other information social media users share with you) you can locate a potential audience who is interested in your brand. Plus leads can help you keep in touch with them to share your latest […]

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the future of content creation

The Future of Content Creation: Why you need to create content with a purpose

While everyone agrees that content is king, many companies embark on a mission to create content for content’s sake. But what if your content can’t be found? What if it’s found by your target audience at the wrong stage of their buying journey or resembles endless sales messaging? This kind of quantity over quality or […]

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Why Content Marketing Is So Important For Your Business

Crickets! That’s the only sound you’re hearing right now. You’ve got a website and social media platforms for your business, but has anyone seen it, engaged or used your services? Crisis- do they even know your brand exists? Enter Content marketing! The star of the show that will entertain and educate your customers about what […]

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Blog image: 15 marketing trends that you should know about in 2019

15 Marketing Trends in 2019 You Should Know About!

What works and what doesn’t in 2019? Read this article to find out what the most critical aspects of Marketing in 2019 are as well as what the newest developments are. Marketing trends are ever changing and companies need not only to keep up, but be ahead of these trends, especially since today’s consumers are […]

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