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How to Become a Great Graphic Designer

how to become a designer

How to Become a Great Graphic Designer Tips From Our In-House Designer, Kathryn. Are you an aspiring graphic designer? We sit down with our very own design whiz, Kathryn, who brings imaginative concepts to life at lightning speed. And she shares about what it takes to become an awe-inspiring designer. Are You An Aspiring Graphic […]

An Artist’s Urban Playground: Street Art, Guerrilla Street Art & Graffiti Art

Street art

An Artist’s Urban Playground Street Art | Guerrilla Street Art | Graffiti Art Street art doesn’t require a museum or gallery. This medium of art is a way to breathe life into old neighbourhoods or to re-contextualize, re-energize and re-imagine a building. It’s one of the most unique and powerful means of artistic expression in […]

Why Modern Logo Design is Ruining the Future of Design

Logo redesign is inevitable; We are living in a fast-paced, ever-changing world, and design can’t seem to keep up. The pressure of this rapid growth in the design industry has made companies jump to action with rebranding in little to no time… And sometimes to their detriment. When Google updated its brand way back in […]

Cyberpunk Design & Style Trends

Cyberpunk Style

Are you ready to get low-life, hi-tech, sci-fi and a smidge dark? If you dare, dive into the design world of cyberpunk genre with its cybernetics and fantasy fiction dripping in dystopian futuristic setting. Read On!

Graphic Design Trends 2020

Cutting edge? Screw that! the edge, we say! The bad news: 2020 has ushered in so many contrasting styles and colour schemes that it’s difficult to stay on top of all the trends. From flat minimalist design to a more organic representation of real-life objects and bold contrasting colours it seems everything goes! The good […]