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What is a Meta Title and Description in SEO?

What is a Meta Title

While the word out on meta titles and meta descriptions from Google is that they won’t magically propel your website to the top of the SEO charts; these two elements can improve click-through rate and entice people to choose your link instead of your competitors’. So why do site owners shove meta titles and descriptions […]

Google’s Big Algorithm Update for 2021

2021 google algorithm update core vitals

SEO is a unique industry, with multiple algorithm updates from Google every year, you have to stay on top of your game to make sure that the websites you manage all meet the standards required to stay at the top of the ranks. Usually, with an algorithm update, Google gives us little to no warning […]

Why You Should Optimise for Voice Search Right Now!

Why You Should Optimise for Voice Search Right Now!

Whether it’s a speaker or smartphone, voice search usage is rapidly increasing. Leading research firms are predicting that somewhere between 30 and 50% of all searches will be conducted via voice by 2020. In this article, we will tell you more about why you should optimise for voice search right now. Voice search has slowly been […]

The Importance of SEO & UX for Every Business

importance of seo

When SEO & UX marry they create a beautiful, functioning and profitable baby and the importance of both should never be underestimated. According to Internet Live, Google receives more than 3.5 Billion Searches every day and Google’s search-amount grows by 10% every year (gasp!). Having an optimised website for top search engines like Google is […]