Graphic Design Trends 2020

Cutting edge? Screw that! the edge, we say! The bad news: 2020 has ushered in so many contrasting styles and colour schemes that it’s difficult to stay on top of all the trends. From flat minimalist design to a more organic representation of real-life objects and bold contrasting colours it seems everything goes! The good […]

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DIY Marketing is like DIY Surgery. You can’t.

“But William, we want a reduced marketing fee from you because we want to do most of it in-house. Our receptionist is pretty cool with social media…” I hear this quite often. And while we are a very accommodating agency by nature; working with clients more than working for clients, that statement above often just […]

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importance of seo

The Importance of SEO & UX for Every Business

When SEO & UX marry they create a beautiful, functioning and profitable baby and the importance of both should never be underestimated. According to Internet Live, Google receives more than 3.5 Billion Searches every day and Google’s search-amount grows by 10% every year (gasp!). Having an optimised website for top search engines like Google is […]

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Blog image: 15 marketing trends that you should know about in 2019

15 Marketing Trends in 2019 You Should Know About!

What works and what doesn’t in 2019? Read this article to find out what the most critical aspects of Marketing in 2019 are as well as what the newest developments are. Marketing trends are ever changing and companies need not only to keep up, but be ahead of these trends, especially since today’s consumers are […]

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We are like a clock that never stops turning, but what makes us tick?

William Gets gives us a few hints after we posed a few questions about Team Management:What in your eyes are the main differences between a leader and a boss? Those very words tell you a thing or two. Are you bossing people around or are you leading them?  A boss is a person who thinks that […]

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Brainstorm Business Card Design

The Power Of The Business Card

The business card has been a part of business relations for decades, originating in the 17th century as a calling card for esteemed Lords and business figures who would have themselves announced ahead of their arrival by a servant bearing card and insignia. But how relevant is the business card to the modern day business […]

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Cloud confusion!

I have realised that I suffer from CTCS – Cloud Transition Confusion Syndrome. A condition where, whenever you save a file, you face a flummoxing crossroads point of indecision of whether to save a file locally or to the cloud and how the heck are you going to remember where you put it when you […]

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