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Tips on how to become a web designer and developer from a web designer developer

Tips on how to become a Web Designer & Developer, from a Web Designer & Developer We all rely on technology daily in some shape or form, from everyday apps to the most groundbreaking inventions. Most websites and computer applications that we see have been developed by web developers, but what exactly is web development? […]

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We Got an Award!

We Got an Award! Brainstorm has been voted one of the Top 30 Social Media Agencies by DesignRush! “It is an incredible honour to be recognized as a Top Social Media Agency by DesignRush! We are extremely proud and excited to continue doing great work for phenomenal clients.” – Operations Manager, Carla Raath. Who is […]

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how to become a designer

How to Become a Great Graphic Designer

How to Become a Great Graphic Designer Tips From Our In-House Designer, Kathryn. Are you an aspiring graphic designer? We sit down with our very own design whiz, Kathryn, who brings imaginative concepts to life at lightning speed. And she shares about what it takes to become an awe-inspiring designer. Are You An Aspiring Graphic […]

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Lead Generation Tips

Lead Generation Tips

Every good marketing strategy includes lead generation through social media. By collecting leads (nuggets like email addresses, names, occupations or any other information social media users share with you) you can locate a potential audience who is interested in your brand. Plus leads can help you keep in touch with them to share your latest […]

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Street art

An Artist’s Urban Playground: Street Art, Guerrilla Street Art & Graffiti Art

An Artist’s Urban Playground Street Art | Guerrilla Street Art | Graffiti Art Street art doesn’t require a museum or gallery. This medium of art is a way to breathe life into old neighbourhoods or to re-contextualize, re-energize and re-imagine a building. It’s one of the most unique and powerful means of artistic expression in […]

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What is a Meta Title

What is a Meta Title and Description in SEO?

While the word out on meta titles and meta descriptions from Google is that they won’t magically propel your website to the top of the SEO charts; these two elements can improve click-through rate and entice people to choose your link instead of your competitors’. So why do site owners shove meta titles and descriptions […]

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