A Strategic Rebrand Case Study

Brainstorm deliver successful strategic rebrand for GoGlobal to reflect their innovative company cohesion and global reach

Executive Summary

Brainstorm Integrated Marketing (Brainstorm) are a boutique, full-service, strategic marketing company who offer ‘big company’ experience without the big company fees.

Their unique approach was essential in developing a full rebranding strategy for South African fruit logistics company GoGlobal Group (GoGlobal).

Brainstorm has worked with GoGlobal (formerly GoReefers) since the early days of the company. Having fared extremely well under Brainstorm’s initial messaging of “It’s the way we think that makes us the best”, GoGlobal needed a brand refresh to align their disparate set of brands, and emphasise their market leading history of innovation.

The challenge for Brainstorm was to produce a repositioning strategy to clarify GoGlobal’s status in the marketplace, deepen their customer engagement and bring successful brand cohesion to their multiple business divisions.

The challenge for GoGlobal, and ultimately the success of the project, was to embrace a complete overhaul and commit to the time and resources required to implement the changes.

The incredible launch event of the new brand, GoGlobal, left no doubt that the ‘go in or go home’ attitude proposed by Brainstorm had been fully adopted and that the GoGlobal brand was the perfect vehicle to take this logistics business forward on the next leg of their journey.


Client Profile

GoReefers-Office-Cape-Town-South-AfricaGoGlobal Group are an agricultural freight logistics company in South Africa, established following the deregulation of the South African fruit industry in 2000.

They are the market leader in the region, exporting South African fruit to the world, with offices in every South African port as well as the UK.

Originally founded as GoReefers Logistics Ltd, they offer a comprehensive and innovative service across the supply chain to exporters. They are responsible for a series of ground-breaking ‘firsts’ in their industry:

  • first to offer a full logistics service to fruit exporters
  • first to create a purpose-built cold storage and citrus handling facility
  • first to load ambient citrus (and first to load it back-to-back)
  • first to provide management of the entire logistics chain for Namibian grapes
  • first to implement cross-border offices.

Challenge – Creating brand cohesion across multiple divisions

Since their formation in 2000 GoReefers have adopted a rigorous approach to quality assurance, delivered excellent standards of customer service and applied innovation to their portfolio of services. Taking complete management control of the logistics supply chain lead to significant growth for the company.

The Group had evolved into a wide set of divisions, all operating under different names. The branding of the different divisions lacked connection with the original GoReefers brand.

Brainstorm had previously created GoReefer’s original differentiating statement of ‘it’s the way we think that makes us the best’ and had an existing trusted relationship with GoReefers.

Eight years later, it was a natural step to choose Brainstorm again to reposition GoReefers in the marketplace, deepen customer engagement and create a coherent brand.

Solution – Full rebranding strategy to reflect innovation and global reach

Brainstorm carried out comprehensive research across GoGlobal’s existing brand assets, their market position, competitors and organisational structure. They used the research to develop a full brand strategy.

Brainstorm knew that a successful and impactful rebrand was not about slightly adjusting the tone or direction. They focused on the power of the ‘Go’ element of the existing brand to create a new identity, which would place GoGlobal way ahead of the rest of the field.

GoReefers, their known brand, became a sub brand under a more impressive, appropriate, new brand and company name, GoGlobal. Sub brands were aligned under the umbrella brand to create synergy across the business. Surtic became GoChill; Housebills was renamed GoMarine; IRoot was now GoIntell; Iquality became GoCheck; Borders became GoBorders; SBS Softel was renamed GoSolutions and DJE became GoRoad.


GoGlobal Branding BEFORE


GoGlobal Branding AFTER

One of the greatest threats to GoGlobal were claims by other players that they were delivering the best, leading the field, chalking up industry ‘firsts’. The brand strategy needed to prove that GoGlobal are ahead of the pack with ground-breaking activity across status reporting, quality control, packaging and market information, capacity planning, vessel chartering and even an app for customers to track their goods wherever they were in the world.

By creating GoGlobal, Brainstorm handed GoGlobal the power, and the permission, to take great leaps ahead of the field. By working with GoGlobal, customers can break new ground, boundaries cease to exist and business can stretch as far as any opportunity might take you.

GoGlobal's Slogan: Go BeyondThe strapline of ‘Go Beyond!’ conveys this energy. GoGlobal goes beyond borders, beyond the norm, beyond all expectations to deliver for its customers.

Outcome – Rebrand puts GoGlobal three years ahead of their competitors

The result was a full rebranding strategy across seven divisions including online and print covering website, app, logos and advertising. All of the brand assets reflect GoGlobal’s core brand messages of innovation, extensive global reach and an unified company.

Key to the success of the project, was the willingness of the GoReefer’s management team to embrace the complete overhaul and commit the necessary time and resources required to implement the changes.

As rebranding decisions had been kept between Brainstorm and senior GoGlobal staff, a grand launch event was planned to ensure buy-in from staff at all levels within GoGlobal and the associated divisions.

Arranged by Brainstorm and their selected specialist partners, the event took place at the Arabella Country Estate in South Africa and included management and staff from all of the new GoGlobal’s divisions. The rebrand was announced by CEO, Delena Engelbrecht and was a runaway success.

The energy and inspiration created by the GoGlobal brand was palpable throughout the audience and total buy-in was confirmed by a standing ovation.

Since the launch, GoGlobal has stated they believe they are now three years ahead of their competitors in terms of their branding.

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