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Cutting edge? Screw that! Be the edge, we say!

The bad news: 2020 has ushered in so many contrasting styles and colour schemes that it’s difficult to stay on top of all the trends. From flat minimalist design to a more organic representation of real-life objects and bold contrasting colours it seems everything goes! The good news? Designers are freer to just have fun and explore their creativity.
So read below then go forth and multimedia!

Some of the latest design trends include:

Colour and Styles

Bright, bold, vibrant and luminous-all the colours which are in this year. And even more vibrant than before!

“2020 will feature brighter & bolder colours than ever before! As the value of design rises, brands are going crazier and wackier than ever with colour to attempt to stand out from the crowd.”
-Ryan Hayward, designer & founder of Pitchproof.

Cyberpunk Colour Scheme

Futuristic colour and designs with isometric trends building off of Japanese urbanism. Splashes of colour against a dark background; a sci-fi genre that usually depicts dark, futuristic and neon-infused cities as featured in the movie Blade Runner.

Graffiti Street Art

Graffiti and street art styles lend a retro feeling and have gained popularity again. It stands out amongst the everyday design style.

Dystopian Aesthetic

The dystopian aesthetic trend continues with its cold colour schemes and mechanised typography along with glitch art techniques and imagery that merges tech with organic matter resulting in a very eye-catching style.

Going Monochrome

This minimalistic look is achieved when one main colour is paired with neutral colours (like black or white). Encouraging the user to focus on the content and messaging, rather than the colours within the design.

Shiny Metals

Metallics are in! Hues of gold, silver, copper, and bronze are popping up everywhere; from social media and branding, to packaging and advertisements.The combination of shiny materials and complementary colours make you want to reach out and touch an object.

Liquids and Gradients

You can add depth to flat designs with liquids and gradients. Keep your gradients subtle by doing a light colour that fades into a darker shade or go bold with multiple colours which work well together.

3D Depth and Realism

3D became a major hit in 2019 and this craze is still around today. Designers love to mix and match it with photos and 2D objects.

Simplified Line Art and Illustration

Line art is a simplified illustration style which requires a lot of creativity. Elegant design with clean lines is especially popular with icon trends these days. Ultra-thin lines are also found in more shapes, graphic designs and branding of geometric objects which are man-made and technological. Whereas curvy lines represent more natural and organic forms.

Isometric Illustrations and Animations

Isometric motion graphic (3D objects over 2D surfaces) design evolves into a fully animated and highly engaging visual solution which brings a great balance between 2D and 3D design.

Animation is one of the most powerful ways to bring a brand to life. Instead of simple motion graphics, animation sequences will have a story told with continuous movement. Microinteractions and explanatory motion graphics have also become well-loved online.

Paper Cut-Out Collages, Drawing on Photos and Doodling

Layering your imagery in “freshly cut out” styles (like you would with a handmade collage).

YOLO (You only live once) by Mila.
Layering your imagery in “freshly cut out” styles (like you would with a handmade collage).
By Ashish Rai (via Dribbble)
Photographs with graphic design and images replacing parts of the photo, simple illustrations replacing parts of the photo or interacting with the photo.
By Rosee Byrne (via Dribbble)
Doodling is a fun new trend in the world of illustration and design which adds a more informal flair and overall whimsical feeling to the composition.

Image and Text Masking

Masking design elements like text and shapes with imagery and bold typography.

More Than Just Typography​

By using artistic typography alone, we can create beautiful compositions that make statements and grab the audience’s attention and imagination. Big typography can be used by splitting words into several lines while custom hand-lettering is extremely popular as well as adding a big, bold personality.