Answer by William Gets:

Technical programming is a fairly wide but niche market; easy to ring fence as I assume technical programmers “hang out in the same places” on the internet.

Gjivan gives good advice in that SEO is SEO and the same rules apply generally but having a niche market does make it easier. You can go a step further than getting backlinks from other programming blogs by writing as a guest blogger on other programming blogs. But be careful, choose your blogs well and don’t overdo it – read this – Yes, even high quality guest posting CAN get you penalized!

The rule with Google, and I salute this, is be honest concerning your SEO efforts. The well written, quality guest blog write-up will go much further than junk, pseudo blog quantity shotgun approach. If you are great at what you do you will most likely know great bloggers who you could talk to. Email them, ask if you can write the occasional blog for them.

Study where other successful technical programming bloggers get their backlinks from. There are a variety of tools to do this: Raven SEO and Moz being two of them. They do charge a monthly fee but it is well worth it.

While you can simply write content that you know people want to read about, you do need to research keywords to see what people are looking for. Often, the subject of your blog is driven by this need and the keyword structure plays an important role – in the title, in the first paragraph, scattered naturally through the content, in the image Alt tags.

Long tail keywords are very important for blogs – look for what people are really looking for in your field; not the short generic keywords, the long phrases that they are searching for. Usually it is a question. If you answer the question, you are going be found on search engines as the competition for that longer phrase will be less. There is a tool for searching for long tail keywords. I have not used it myself so I can’t comment, but check it out here – **Keyword Research Software to Find Long Tail Keywords**

For WordPress, there are great keyword tools to see if you are getting the keyword structure and density correct, the most popular being Yoast.

Announce your blogs publicly on social media, if people share it, and people link to your blog from their profiles and other profiles (in other words, not from your profile only), it is good SEO. So, make sure you have an engaging title and imagery for your blog. Very engaging.

Submit the blog to social bookmarking sites like Reddit. I am not a programmer, so I may be wrong here, but I think is especially for programmers like you. Here are some more options – http://www.searchenginejournal.c…

On the more granular side:

  • If your blog is in a WordPress site, make sure your permalinks are set to CUSTOM STRUCTURE with /%postname%/ in the text field.
  • Tag your links with Google URL Builder so that you can track those links in your Google analytics URL builder – Analytics Help
  • Write it well, even Google does not like bad grammar.

Overall, the rule is:

  1. Produce quality content that people want to read and share and refer to.
  2. Just writing a blog with great SEO will probably not cut it. You need to promote it and submit it.
  3. Get it linked to from other websites/blogs, just like I have linked to the blog above “Yes, even high quality guest posting CAN get you penalized!” – the author just got “linked”. If the quality and content is great, people will share it, link to it.

I could probably say a lot more as it is a wide and detailed subject, but I hope the above helps.

How can someone improve their SEO for technical programming blogs?

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