There are two main things that attract people to a blog:

  1. the blog focuses on a specific subject
  2. The blog does not have a specific subject but the writer has a specific character that appeals to people

I assume your blog fits into category 2.

Even though category 2 falls into the general interest genre it still requires well a thought out strategy. But this again depends on the purpose of your blog.

I think it is obvious that category 1 requires a specific keyword strategy but it is important to keep keywords in mind for general interest blogs as well –  your interests are probably not universal and so  you will always be writing about the same set of subjects.

So, write your prog naturally and then look back at your content and write down the main subjects that it covers and then do some keyword research to see which phrase would be the most important to capitalise on. Then edit that part of the blog to be sure that the keyword phrase is included in the subject and in the body of the content.

The more common keywords will probably be oversaturated so finding some long tail, ‘satellite’ key phrases would be better in the beginning.
Even if you’re not using Google Adwords, you can still open an account and use the keyword tool to do some research. Otherwise there is the paid service

Long tail key phrases will help bringing specific searchers to your blog but to really get out there you have to promote it.

Social bookmarking sharing websites
Reddit is a popular source but it’s not the only source. Here are some links to sites that have lists of social bookmarking and social sharing websites:

  1. List of social bookmarking websites <- Wikipedia
  2. 50+ Social Bookmarking Sites : Importance of User Generated Tags, Votes and Links – Search Engine Journal

Social media
First word -> Hashtags
#hashtags are relevant on twitter, Instagram and Facebook (although not as relevant as they are on twitter and Instagram).
Make sure your blog has a captivating featured image.

Second word -> forums
Or groups or communities.  Tap into Facebook groups and Google communities  and get involved.   This is a long-term strategy of putting yourself out there so that people get to know you.

All of the above is simply a getting-out-there-strategy; for people to get to know you, get curious, look at your blog, start following, share it and telling their friends to follow.

Most important asset for the above paragraph? Very engaging blog content – delight and surprise them and they will share, follow and tell their friends to follow.

For more direct route:

Yes, you can use standard old corporate advertising techniques to promote your blog. Yes,  it costs money, but you do have a lot more control over where your message is displayed and seen and it is much faster than long-term organic strategies.

Facebook is a good place to advertise because of its global spread, targeting options and general interest mindset. It has been a relatively cheap option compared to other platforms but it is not staying cheap.

There are cheaper places where you can advertise, including Reddit. Have a look at this advice from Jeff Bullas – 5 Alternatives To Advertising On Facebook That Won’t Break Your Budget

Good luck. And how about giving us a link to your blog so that we can see it?

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