Testimonials from Previous Interns

~ Justin Wickee – Now Our Digital Strategic Marketer | 1 Aug 2017

Seizing the opportunity to work as an intern at Brainstorm, is without a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made. There are numerous aspects of this innovative agency that have influenced me to a large degree. If I had to select three off the top of my head , I would say;

  1. The company ethos fosters an environment perfect for acquiring sought after market related skill sets.
  2. The wonderful, close knit staff group and
  3. The diverse range of businesses that I have had the privilege to work with.
    Doing things differently and doing things more effectively, has been the name of the game since I have been involved with Will and the team.

~ Ms. Unathi Kupa | 6 May 2017

Dear Mr. Gets
Letter of Recommendation: Brainstorm Integrated Marketing Agency

My tenure as an intern at Brainstorm began on 16 March 2017. However, I must state that by then, I had
already been given my email address and login credentials. That first week and many others after that
were weeks of many firsts. First time as a Traffic Agency Controller (Project Manager), working for a
virtual company and being hands on in projects, thereby liaising with clients directly. Nervous, very
much so!

I have worked for several companies (over 10 years working experience) in various sectors; from
medical, law, media, retail, non-profits, marketing and communications. In all my years and experience, I
have yet to witness an intern dealing directly with suppliers, never mind clients. Majority of companies
treat interns as “lackeys” there to do administrative work or delegate the interns to middle
management to handle. Imagine my surprise that I was work shadowing the boss himself and he always
set aside time to carefully explain the work or new projects.

The staff… stellar team indeed. These guys are on a league of their own. Individual geniuses, together
rather a force to be reckoned with. I still marvel at how they work so well together considering that they
only connect via their PC’s! No wonder then that the work they deliver is (for lack of a better phrase)
“first class standard” Perhaps it has to do with the mastermind at the helm of the team, truly lives up to
his pet name, “The Jedi.”

My tenure was 8 weeks, it was too brief considering everything that I’ve learnt and continue to learn.
The skills I learnt from Brainstorm I definitely will apply.

I would recommend Brainstorm’s internship program to anyone that is willing to unlearn everything
they thought they knew about marketing or project management, for that matter the corporate world.
Although Brainstorm Integrated Agency is a boutique firm, their size should not deceive you, they are
the type of agency that years from now major companies will take cue from.
Although my internship may be over, I still consider myself as part of the team.
Kind regards,
(A grateful intern)

~ Savanna Pead – Now our Graphic Designer | Summer 2016

I spent the winter of 2016 as a graphic design intern for Brainstorm; as part of my college training.

Brainstorm was required to follow the procedure for detailed evaluation of my work.

In my time with Brainstorm, I carried out many different graphic design tasks including logo design, leaflet design, creating animated movies, banner adverts, printed pull up banner designs and much more.

I was expected to work with the team and their project management software right from day one and the work experience was very real for me.

At the end of my internship Brainstorm handed in all the required forms from my college and my internship was very successful. So successful that I’m now employed as a graphic designer in the company.

~ Geoffrey Barrett – Graphic design | June 2016

Brainstorm Marketing had recently given me an internship for a month of experience within the world of corporate design. Working for them was enjoyable, the work load was a lot but do-able, the staff was friendly and the feedback, reasonable.

There was room for creative freedom from time to time and seeing as my work environment was my home, it was quite comfortable. Drawbacks would be that with the amount of cloud drive items you need to submit and receive, uncapped internet is a must. Not leaving home for most of the day gets dreary without personal interaction, so getting out after work is your only real change of scenery.

The experience I gained was great, while being able to get a glimpse of international media production. Although tedious at times, it was certainly challenging. All in all I felt it was enjoyable and a positive learning experience.

~ Chris le Roux – Content Marketing | April 2016

This is to confirm that I worked at Brainstorm Advertising as a content marketer intern during April 2016. William and his team are highly professional and experts in their fields. My tasks were structured well and William’s briefs were very clear. He took trouble to demonstrate new applications and also displayed lots of patience. I enjoyed the variety of the tasks handed to me and had learned a lot in a short period. Most of all, I appreciated the constructive and positive feedback I received.

~ Marelise Culbert – Content Marketing | July 2015

I was delighted to be accepted for the Brainstorm Marketing Internship. I have 20+ years experience in the advertising field and yet Brainstorm added a whole new dimension to my understanding of marketing in the current environment. Their ability to look beyond the norm and perfect systems in innovative ways made it an extremely educational and thrilling experience.

Being specialists in Integrated Marketing, which I’ve had very little exposure to, until recently, they introduced me to a whole new world of possibility and a new way of thinking. Extending my understanding of integration and engagement, I found William’s enthusiasm and passion to be contagious. He even managed to teach me, a technological pygmy, to embrace the technological possibilities on a larger scale, to ensure maximum return on investment. The systems available to engage potential customers and to keep track of their interests and actions are astounding. William has a wonderful way of exploring new avenues of interest and understanding how each possibility links into existing operations.

He is a very patient and gracious teacher and managed to explain new operating systems in sensible and manageable ways. He helped me to understand the importance and value of each new function. I was really amazed how vast his technological capabilities are and how he manages to find programs that complement the functionality of others. He will not rest until he finds the best possible way of doing something, anything, and will then continue to look out for new and improved methods.

He is the Jonty Rhodes of the marketing playing field and undoubtedly the best mentor one can ask for in this dynamic industry. Shannon was also a sheer joy to work with and her abilities also seem to be utterly endless. They are a formidable team and it was a sincere privilege and pleasure to work with them.

Thank you very much for this opportunity. I am extremely grateful for it and I wish Brainstorm the greatest success now and in the future. May your name become truly great in this world.


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