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As I meet more and more clients who want to be on the top of Google it is becoming more and more apparent that that is the only desire they have for their brand and product.


Some people simply carry out a Google Adwords campaigns and don’t bother with anything else.

If we think back to the days before the Internet, the visual splendour of a brand’s promotional efforts (yes, and the catchy title) was what sorted out the noticed, from the unnoticed adverts.

So if your product is in the top 5 of Google, have you made it? Can you rest on your laurels?


Online Marketing is not just that top appearance in a search engine’s results page. Even if you are on the very top of Google, if a competitor has been more visual and engaging in their promotions, the search engine searcher will skip past your higher result and go to your competitors brand; because they recognise it more, because they like it more, because it has been appealing to them more.

So, while a high listing in Google is very important, don’t forget that your brand and product needs to be so much more than a feeble few blue and green lines of text in a search engine results page. Bring engaging visuals into your campaign wherever you can.

Engaging artwork is good for promotions
Engaging artwork is good for promotions