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Every good marketing strategy includes lead generation through social media. By collecting leads (nuggets like email addresses, names, occupations or any other information social media users share with you) you can locate a potential audience who is interested in your brand. Plus leads can help you keep in touch with them to share your latest offers, promotions and news.

Once new leads are collected via social media, the goal is to nurture these leads by taking them through the sales funnel with the end goal of converting them to customers.

Here are a few tips on lead generation using social media:

1. Pimp your Profile

Before you dive into your lead generation campaigns, make sure your profile contains all the ways your potential customers can reach you. Aside from your contact details, ensure that you are able to assist people with their queries via avenues such as email, phone or messenger.

Include call-to-action (CTA) buttons such as ‘Book Now’, ‘Sign Up’ (for newsletters), ‘ Reserve’ or ‘Shop Now’, giving customers clear indications of where they can go to reach you or purchase. And don’t forget to add links to your bio, making it easy for customers to reach you.

2. Create click-worthy content with clear call-to-actions

With all the advertising and messaging on social media; images and content need to be attention-grabbing and compelling. And more importantly, each post must include a link with a CTA.

A few clickable options include:
Tagging products on Facebook, shoppable Instagram posts and stories including YouTube cards and end screens.

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3. Ensure you have User-friendly Landing Pages

There’s nothing worse than exciting someone enough to click your link, only to confuse them or send them packing when they reach your landing page. A good landing page needs to be easily scannable, involve minimal scrolling for the vital information and have clear paths. Don’t make your audience have to guess where your products are, lead them directly there. Keep forms short and simple as each question you add vastly reduces the probability that the user will finish it and just click away from the page instead.

4. Utilize Social Media Lead Ad

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn all have lead ad options. Facebook has a helpful retargeting tool for lead nurturing and Instagram (like Facebook) offers the options to partially pre-fill forms. LinkedIn Lead-Gen form has a lead generation rate of 13% in comparison to only 2.35 % from an average website and YouTube’s TrueView helps you drive specific actions.

5. Dangle an Incentive

Social media competitions, discount codes and gated content are all great ways to generate leads. Giveaways can ask participants to submit forms/information to enter, discount codes can entice users to sign up for a newsletter and email addresses can be requested for whitepapers, invites to exclusive Facebook groups and invite-only webinars. Whatever incentive you offer, always remind your audience what’s in it for them.

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