William Gets

Founder & Digital Marketing Expert

William is the founder of Brainstorm and has been at the helm since 1998. William’s experience is extensive across multiple industries across multiple design, development, advertising and marketing fields. William is an outstanding leader and sets the example with his unparalleled passion for marketing and his overwhelmingly humble attitude. Known in the social space as the digital guru, he is never afraid to roll up his sleeves and get involved in any aspect of the business. William has forged the company with tireless effort, sleepless nights and countless cups of coffee.

Shannon Malinaric

Designer, Developer, and almost everything else.

Shannon has been with Brainstorm since 2003. She is the backbone of the team and refuses to take a day off. She boasts the same wide experience as William, can multitask like a machine and is a technical genius. Shannon is a through-the-line designer/developer and knows Adobe Creative Suite software backwards; all of it. She has an uncanny knack of sorting out tangled code and just making everything work in a website. She can edit movies, create complicated print designs and never seems to sleep.

Savanna Pead

Graphic Designer and Animator

Savanna is our creative genius, having graduated top of her class in graphic design. Creatively gifted, Savanna transforms rough ideas into incredible masterpieces. A crucial cog in the Brainstorm machine, she provides forward thinking in every aspect of the design process - from conception to completion, with pinpoint precision.

Kaylin Meyer

Content Marketer, WordPress Developer, PPC & SEO Guru

Kaylin has a Bachelors Degree in Economics and Marketing and previously worked in the Finance field. Her creative side won over in the end and she decided on a career turnaround, diving into the world of web development and SEO head first. Kaylin has already proved herself a valuable member of the team with her thirst for knowledge and hands on approach. We approve!

Greta Galubauskaite

Digital Marketing Content and UI/UX

Although Greta graduated as a graphic designer, most of her professional career has been focused on marketing psychology and interactive products such as websites, apps and e-commerce stores. She is a certified UX/UI instructor (Udemy too!) with glowing reviews for her training. She often features in uxplanet.org and Prototypr, is about 7 feet tall and can snowboard "but no tricks".

Ashish Anjani

WordPress Development

Our on-call, all-star web developer exudes professionalism and honesty, while being nothing short of prodigious within the realms of web design and computer programming. He’s an exceptionally calm man, but below the surface exists a digital hyperspace of intricate algorithms, ready to be summoned by his technological wizardry.

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