… to ask a web development agency to ensure the best return from your web development investment.

1. Ask what kind of track record the agency has in terms of historic performance for website complexity, online shops and functionality.

Brainstorm Marketing has been building fully optimized websites for more than 18 years, for a variety of industries, with a diverse range of functional requirements. If you can imagine it, we’ll find a way to do it, due to extensive front- and back-end development expertise.

Our vast experience gives us a deep insight into UX (user experience) and logical paths of information and functionality, to ensure maximum benefit for your website visitors.

Two examples:

  • Advance E-Commerce: We have websites with online shops containing over 400 products with complex product variations, such as modular products that have several different combination options. Customers are able to select and assemble the product combinations they prefer.
  • Website Apps: We created an app inside the website for a client who wanted companies to run competitions on their website. The app allows companies to add the competition details, including images and text and then submit it. All our client then needs to do is approve it with the click of a button and the competitions become live on their website.

2. Do they have security solutions in place?

Brainstorm has specialized software which allows us to monitor every website we have built from one Control Panel. We can see, at a glance, which platforms, themes and plugins (the regular elements that make up a CMS website) need to be updated, as outdated software always poses a security risk.

Our software also monitors any irregularities on our clients’ websites, so we can rectify any problems the moment they arise.

Furthermore, if a website is hacked, we will restore the website completely, free of charge, from our extremely reliable backup system.

3. Does the company have a brilliant understanding of Internet Marketing?

Brainstorm offers a fully integrated marketing service, which includes:

Internet marketing, automated marketing, advertising for print and online, SEO, social media, email campaigns, lead regeneration and graphic design. Every website is therefore based on a complete set of essential marketing requirements, as we strategically position and design your website to form the central hub of all marketing campaigns.

Does the agency offer front-end and back-end development?

4. Does the agency offer front-end and back-end development?

We do indeed! See number 1 for a full explanation.

5. Does the agency manage your expectations?

Our extensive experience and vast expertise with regard to project and crisis management, have taught us the best ways to avoid ANY nasty surprises. It is imperative to start and finish strong, so our clients can always be assured of exactly what they need, when they need it.

In our proposals, we provide a detailed guide of what clients can expect, when they can expect it and the costs involved. Being frank and clear upfront saves us and the clients any disappointments or nasty surprises. We view building a website as a joint venture project and handle it as such.

Does the agency promise you magical SEO that will get you to the top of Google?

6. Does the agency promise you magical SEO that will get you to the top of Google?

Fortunately, crazy SEO promises from cowboy agencies are waning, as clients become more knowledgeable about the SEO process. However, unrealistic promises will continue to do the rounds, as some agencies will say anything to seal a deal.

SEO is a long-term investment because your footprint on the web needs to be firmly cemented. Once it has been developed carefully, over time, your ranking will improve on Google and the patience and investment will pay off.

Developing a decent SEO campaign is not for the faint-hearted and requires extensive research and planning. Methodical systems are required to build and monitor the company’s presence and footprint throughout. We have the experience and software for extensive research and constant monitoring of your SEO campaign and your competitors’ campaigns.

Can the agency supply long term support?

7. Can the agency supply long term support?

What sort of longevity can a web development agency offer you?

We have come across many companies that have lost contact with their developers, and have no idea where their website is hosted or where their domain was registered. It makes any type of upgrade difficult and costly, as forensic research is required to solve these issues for you before we even begin!

We provide the full package, from solid project management to excellent backup systems to additional on-site monitoring and control. Many of our clients have remained with us for more than a decade, demonstrating that we have the staying power and credibility to ensure your digital assets keep running smoothly and remain intact for future advancement. We always give our 100%, to ensure our clients function 100% year after year.

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