Answer by William Gets:

Interesting question.

One can divide SEO into two categories:

  1. On-site SEO –  optimising each website page so that Google can index them to correctly understand what your website is about so that when someone searches on Google they will find your website popping up to match the search request. (long sentence!)
  2. Offsite SEO – content marketing on social media, directories,  emails and so forth that gives you a greater presence on the Internet and therefore more links back to your website.

My policy is never to build a website for a client without on-site SEO. What is the point of building the website without giving Google the correct map to find it? It is like creating an event but then not giving anyone the address to find it.

Then, because it is my product offering, I offer post website development Offsite SEO services.

My advice, therefore, is to offer what you can and enjoy doing:

  1. Just a website development and have a strategic partner with an on-site SEO expert.
  2. Website development with On-site SEO done by you.
  3. Website development with On-site SEO and Offsite SEO done by you.

When people want a website built they usually mean that it should be optimised for search engines but often don’t realise that they should request this and then get very surprised when a website is built that does not appear on Google searches. In other words, they want the SEO just as much as they want the website.

So sell search engine optimised websites.

Should I sell websites or SEO?

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