Oona wanted to launch an online parenting course. We built a direct online marketing system and she was able to fill her first course. This means that by the time she presents her third course, she will be in profit. Oona can now “rinse and repeat” the system that we built to fill her next online course and is running her business full time.

We also helped build all her digital assets – website, landing pages, lead magnets, email software and course materials.

The Benefits and Result Our Campaign:

We were able to build a small, direct campaign that:

  1.  saw her very first course was fully booked.
  2.  she will be able to re-use our system for her next course, again and again.
  3.  is not a cost but a profitable investment.
  4.  relieved her of the stress and struggle over where to begin and how to do it.

This is what we did

In conjunction with Oona, we developed this strategy for her:

FIRST: We created a page offering a PDF with free parenting advice in exchange for a name and email:

SECOND: We then developed and ran an automated opt-in Mailchimp campaign which provided more free advice for parents:


THIRD: At a certain stage an email promoted her online course and provided a link to a carefully researched and designed landing page:


Facebook advertising brought people to her website and Oona was able to fill her first online course and the income from the first course went a far away to covering the costs of her investment.

The system is developed so that she can rinse-and-repeat the procedure for her next course promotion. We estimate that by the time she runs her third course she should be in profit and is the owner a viable business that can easily be expanded on.

This is what Oona had to say:

Oona-Alexander-BrainstormOona Alexander
Parenting Specialist
William’s input was invaluable at every stage in the development of my online course and its attendant publicity campaign. He was a master of every situation. His approach was thorough, creative and intelligent: Everything he set up looked beautiful and worked effectively. Furthermore, in the heat of the moment, when deadlines needed to be met, he was both fast and unflappable. You couldn’t wish for a better, nicer, more artistic technical wizard than William.

The Great Advantage to Oona

We filled the role as her digital mechanic and digital strategist. We set up her campaign, created all the marketing designs and we also:

  1. Designed the course material PDFs (Oona of course provided the content)
  2. Assisted with Mailchimp database management
  3. Assisted with the rebranding of her website and updating her website
  4. Assisted with creating areas of the website that are exclusive to the course attendees
  5. And much more.

These services took an enormous strain off her shoulders. She was able to focus on creating her brilliant course material and we focused on making it look good and getting it out there.

Please call us on 0750 237 2844 to discuss your needs. We will be able to very quickly assess where you are going wrong or where you need to start and what you should do. We will do this for free.

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