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While everyone agrees that content is king, many companies embark on a mission to create content for content’s sake. But what if your content can’t be found? What if it’s found by your target audience at the wrong stage of their buying journey or resembles endless sales messaging? This kind of quantity over quality or content without clear goals is a waste of time and money and can deter prospective customers.

Here are a few reasons why you should produce content with a purpose.

1. Ensure you have a clear purpose for all your content

Before you or your marketing agency start churning out tons of monthly blogs and social media content, figure out who your content is intended for and more importantly which actions you’re encouraging them to take.

Of course, sales will always be the main goal, but on the road to conversions- would you like to grow your email subscription database? Would you like your audience to join you on Instagram to market your product and activations there? Or perhaps you’d like to point them in the direction of the sales and services you’re pushing this season. Set clear goals for your content so you know if you’re hitting or missing them each month.

2. Optimize your content for SEO

Do your due diligence on keyword strategy or get an expert involved. Without optimizing content for SEO; chances are that your target audience won’t be able to find your content and then what is the point of producing or publishing it in the first place?

content seo optimization

3. Differentiate your content from sales materials

Don’t get these two confused. You should not be selling your products in your high-quality content as you do in your sales and promotional material. Circle back to your purpose and goals for this content such as establishing yourself as an expert in a group however small or even reaffirming how you can help your audience solve several problems etc.

4. Plan the right content for the right audience at the right time

When looking at strategy, take a deeper look at where your audience may be at different stages of their buying journey. What information would you like them to see when they first visit your website or social media pages? If they’ve bought from you before- what kind of information could lead them to stay loyal to you or purchase something of even more value?

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