Answer by William Gets:

WordPress is more complex, more flexible and has a huge support community from the develops and the users.

Initially, if you don’t know WordPress, it is more difficult to learn whereas Weebly is very easy to build with it’s drag and drop features.

Because I am often asked to build complex websites for clients with specific requests, WordPress is my choice because I need much more functionality than Weebly can give me.

If, however, you are completely new to web development, and want to build a straightforward website for yourself, and are not too fussy about where to place items in your website, and are happy to use a theme as is, then go the Weebly route.

In the long run, WordPress is the better option if you want the content, functionality and layout to change significantly in the future. If you struggle with WordPress, look around for a WordPress developer who can help you. You can, for example, get the basics up and then get the more difficult hair-pulling tasks done with a developer; you will still save lots of money compared to hiring an outright developer.

What are the advantages that a free WordPress has over free Weebly?

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