Answer by William Gets:

Mmmm, it is a very complex and technical field.

SEO is also often misunderstood and these days seems to mean everything to do with Internet Marketing.

SEO means optimising a digital asset so that it is indexed correctly by a search engine and if it is done really well, will get you higher in the search engine results page (SERP). The digital asset is of course firstly your website but SEO carries through to digital assets like your blog and social media pages. I separate blog from your website because a blog has it’s own SEO rules and remember, even if your blog is part of your website, search engines tend to index the pages of your website for keywords/phrases, not the whole website as a whole.


  1. If you are promoting your own website, get to know your CMS really well so that you can carry out all the technical requirments of adding metatags and etc. If you are using WordPress, use the Yoast plugin and read his tutorial too – WordPress SEO Tutorial • The Definitive Guide • Yoast
  2. Accept that Google is a mystery and never actually tells you really what is going on with The Algorythm. So don’t fret about it, learn the technical rules and then create fantastic (so that people will be engaged and share it) AND honest content (so that Google won’t penalise it for sneaky tactics to get more sessions to your website).
  3. Because it is so technical and detailed, go easy on yourself, you will not get it right in a day, or a month. Give yourself a year of study and experimenting. Read, read, read. Metehan has given 2 great links.
  4. Never forget that SEO/Internet Marketing/SEM etc. is not sales. You need to weave sales into your marketing like great landing pages that really give the visitor what the came for and no other distractions. Too many people spend a lot of effort getting people to their website but then start them off on the home page which is most often just a distracting portal to tons of other stuff on the webpage.

What is the Best SEO Tips For Beginners?

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