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Crickets! That’s the only sound you’re hearing right now. You’ve got a website and social media platforms for your business, but has anyone seen it, engaged or used your services? Crisis- do they even know your brand exists? Enter Content marketing! The star of the show that will entertain and educate your customers about what you do and why. More importantly content will play the lead role in building your brand and trust with your audience.

Allow us to show the importance of content in digital marketing:

1. It can help build trust with your customers

In a world where consumers are bombarded with advertising noise, content is often relied upon to answer questions and serve their needs. If you can provide valuable and relevant content that meets a need or two,  your consumer will begin trusting your brand. While content king, quality content is key. And if your brand engages your audience through consistently high-quality and engaging content then you can begin to build relationships with your customers and hopefully long-term loyalty. 

Consumer Trust

2. Establish authority

When your content such as blogs, videos, webinars, etc helps your prospective and current customers solve problems or answer questions; you can successfully begin to position yourself as an expert in your industry. Not only will your clients recall that you solved their problems, you will build authority online, and in time higher website rankings should follow suit.

3. Quality content is shared and can improve SEO ranking

One goal is to create content people really love and want to share ( without the promise of free goodies and giveaways). Together with your agency, conceptualise content that provides your customers with a positive experience when they visit your website and social media channels and you can be certain they will return for more. This is where market research and knowing your audience is key- ensure that you are using the correct channels and content to reach your audience where they are.

Bottom line: when people share your content on other websites that link back to you- this is great for your ranking in Google search engines. The higher the ranking of the website linking back to you, the better for building your website’s authority, and the easier you’ll be found by your target audience.


4. It’s a key part of your digital marketing strategy

When marketing your business online, content is the common thread roping all elements together. Whether you’re using email marketing, PPC, social media marketing- strong content is the glue binding it all. Eg. Email marketing will help generate the leads and interested consumers, but creative content will lead them to where they need to be next and get them excited for what you are offering. Content marketing is an integral part of digital marketing and the best investment you can make.

digital marketing

5. It can propel lead generation

Another goal of any digital marketing effort is lead generation. As content marketing forms the foundation of any campaign, it’s crucial to engage audiences with useful free content before giving them a call to action and give your business vital leads to follow up on and hopefully convert to customers one day.

marketing content

6. It can lead to conversions

Once you’ve built the trust of an audience and consistently engage them with quality content that solves their problems; they are a hop, skip, and a click away from buying from you. The ultimate goal of all marketing- conversion to a sale. Calls to action can help lead them to that final purchasing decision so don’t forget to include them in your great content.


With the ability to educate, entertain and build trust with your key audience; you cannot afford to exclude content marketing from your digital Marketing mix. We can show you how. Contact us for the ultimate content marketing strategy: Talk to us.