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“But William, we want a reduced marketing fee from you because we want to do most of it in-house. Our receptionist is pretty cool with social media…”

I hear this quite often. And while we are a very accommodating agency by nature; working with clients more than working for clients, that statement above often just makes me feel tired.

There are two reasons why you can’t perform surgery on yourself:

  1. You don’t know how to remove an appendix or fix a kidney
  2. You will be anaesthetized. (I suppose you could try a local anaesthetic, but then you would have to Rambo. On steroids.)

It’s the same with DIY digital marketing. There are two reasons why you can’t do it yourself:

  1. You don’t know how to put together a marketing campaign from the ground up; market researching the industry, competitor and SEO opportunities, compiling a strategy, building the assets and marketing systems, syncing them all, building complex analytics to optimise your conversions and so much more.
  2. You will and should be focused on your business offering.

With years of experience and a team of experts, we work darn hard to beat the competition on behalf of our clients. Our content looks good because we have excellent graphic designers who focus and specialise on only that. We have SEO experts that eat, drink, sleep and are married to SEO tactics. The same with PPC, web developers, writers, data analyses and project managers.

And me? Well, I have been doing this for over twenty years! And data analytics is my thing. And after 20 years I am only now starting to feel that I can claim to be an expert at it. The more you know the more you realise there is to know, right?

So why do people think it can be done in-house by staff that have never done it before or did some self-training in a Linkedin Learning 2 hour video?

Well, it baffles me but that is because I know how much you need to know. I suspect it is because digital marketing is done on a computer (I know Microsoft Word so I must be a social media expert),  it is accessible (I have an account with Hootsuite so I must be a social media expert) and you have been told that it is easy and quick to do.

The people that tell you it is quick and easy to do are the people who are telling you just enough to get you interested, to watch you fall on your face, and then get you to pay them lots of money to train with them or get them to end up as your marketing agency.

I hope this blog convinces you to save yourself the pain of that step.

Just like you would leave appendix removals to the surgeons, leave your marketing to us marketers. We celebrate your receptionist’s enthusiasm. We respect your need to watch your bottom line. We know what you don’t know and it is scary. And it is scary trusting your hard-earned marketing budget to an agency. That’s why we offer performance-based marketing and have multiple case studies to prove our ROI to you.

Give us a shout.

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